Hey now (I Thnk I'm In Love)

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TRACKLISTING (Scroll down for Song descriptions)

  1. Hey Now (I think i'm in love)
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  2. A Lovers Dream
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  3. The Way You Look Tonight
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  4. The Love I Need
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  5. Baby You Need Me
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  6. Green Eyes (Aqellos Ojos Verdes)
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  7. The Feelings Don't Fit
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  8. What's Keeping Us Apart
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  9. Heart Room (Where True Love Lives)
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  10. Volare
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  11. Montauk Sun (Original Radio Mix)
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  12. I Just Wanna Be Free
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  13. City Beat
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  14. Thanksgiving In America
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  15. Besame Mucho
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  16. Montauk Sun (Club Radio Mix)
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Song descriptions

1.HEY NOW (I Think I’m in Love) My signature song arranged in a sophisticated, light jazz, big band, style in the Great American Songbook tradition. (See Video)

2. A LOVER’S DREAM This ballad was also a labor of love for me since it is about the woman I have spent most of my life with and whom I love so much (See Video)

3. THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT This song speaks for itself. It is a classic love song and part of the historic and great American Songbook. The vocal and instrumental treatments are first class performances by Tito Batista and John Pandolfo.

4.THE LOVE I NEED A beautiful love song written by Peter Mazzeo. I was asked to revise the lyrics to fit the theme of the album better. That was my contribution to this song. (See Video)

5. BABY YOU NEED ME We needed a love song with some attitude to round out this album. This song, with a great duet by Tito and Donna Lee, fills that bill. These are two people who know what they want and will not settle for second best.

6. GREEN EYES (Aquellos Ojos Verdes) Another classic favorite. Performed here in Spanish by Tito Batista.

7. THE FEELINGS DON’T FIT This song was written & originally sung by Jim Cherry who is now deceased.  It is part of my publisher’s library of songs and is performed by him. (See Video)

8. WHAT’S KEEPING US APART Again, this song was written & originally sung by Jim Cherry who is now deceased.  It is part of my publisher’s library of songs and is performed by him. (See Video)

9. HEART ROOM (WHERE TRUE LOVE LIVES) Because a song is  not a novel, ”A Lover’s Dream” was only able to present one aspect of our relationship. This song is a follow-up and extension of “A Lover’s Dream” which shows that love can be a bumpy road and only True Love will weather those dark times that do come along in life.

10. VOLARE A classic that needs no explanation sung in Italian by Tito Batista. Originally sung by Domenico Modugno.

11. MONTAUK SUN (ORIGINAL RADIO MIX) I am a Montauk lover and I composed this song while lying on the beach at Montauk enjoying the sun during summer 2012.  The arrangement by John Pandolfo almost makes you “Hear the sunshine” as you listen. (See Video)

12. I JUST WANNA BE FREE The music for this song was written by John Pandolfo. I was asked to write lyrics to this song in a low-key, patriotic style.  Since I love this country so much this was a labor of love for me. (See Video)

13. CITY BEAT Gives the feel of the ever dynamic and exciting NYC.  Traffic flowing’ –Life keeps going - Lights a-glowing – The Beat keeps growing.  Listen for Times Square, Yankee Stadium, South Street Seaport, Freedom Tower etc. (See Video)

14. THANKSGIVING IN AMERICA I wrote this song because Thanksgiving is becoming the forgotten holiday between Halloween and Christmas. I believe we should all show our thanks for the great blessings we have in this country by making this Holiday more important again.

15. BESAME’ MUCHO Written in 1940, this is the most performed and recorded Mexican song in the world. It was also recently recorded by Andrea Bocelli.

16. MONTAUK SUN (CLUB RADIO MIX) This is the all-out dance version of the original Montauk Sun. I call it “Montauk Sun” on steroids.  It was arranged to make young and old alike want to dance.

Album Reviews

This album is full of some great original tunes and some standards. Great to listen to! JONH SMITH - ROCKING STONE