Patriotic / Social Commentary Songs

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  1. (There Was A) Time In America
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  2. The Silent Majority (Is Silent No More)
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  3. I Just Wanna Be Free
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  4. Thanksgiving In America
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  5. WhatEver Happened To The USA
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  6. I Am An American (And Proud To Be)
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  7. With Interest Accrued
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Song descriptions

1.(There Was A) TIME IN AMERICA This is a song which grieves for the many young people killed in school shootings and for our country’s direction. It is performed by Brent Carter, a powerful soul singer, who performed for many years with the famous “Tower of Power” group. (See Video)

2. (I) JUST WANNA’ BE FREE The music for this song was written by John Pandolfo. I was asked to write lyrics to this song in a low-key, patriotic style.  Since I love this country so much this was a labor of love for me. (See Video)

3. THE SILENT MAJORITY (Is Silent no More) The principles upon which this country was founded and which helped to make America exceptional are being changed drastically, and not for the better. This song expresses the feelings of the great silent majority which has finally become more vocal in recent years. (See Video)

4. THANKSGIVING IN AMERICA I wrote this song because Thanksgiving is becoming the forgotten holiday between Halloween and Christmas. I believe we should all show our thanks for the great blessings bestowed on this country by our Creator by making this Holiday more important again.

5. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE USA Our young people are exposed to more graphic violence and sex in movies, TV and all media then ever in the past. As a result our culture has deteriorated drastically. This song is a satire of two people in the entertainment business talking about what motivates them to do this.

6. I AM AN AMERICAN (and Proud to be) This is a poem set to music. It is a brief history of our country and the sacrifices that had to be made to make this an exceptional country. It also reminds us that we must be ever vigilant to keep our hard-earned freedoms.

7. WITH INTEREST ACCRUED This is a tongue-in-cheek rap song about deceptive advertising that so often tricks people into spending more money than they intended.

Album Reviews

This album is full of some great original tunes and some standards. Great to listen to!JONH SMITH - ROCKING STONE